Twenty years ago I made my first screen printed t-shirt. It was for the local community swim team I was coaching on the south side of South Bend. Armed with a Word document, art supplies, and sheer determination, I churned out 40 shirts on the floor of my parents’ basement.

Fast forward through a decade of aiding clients in marketing, software development, logo design, and bespoke websites. In 2024, a unique opportunity beckoned to return to my high school roots – the art of creating downright awesome T-shirts.

Not only can you now get the best websites from Priemer Consulting, you can now also get the perfect swag to complement your digital excellence!

As we embark on this ‘new’ venture, my guiding principles stand unwavering:

      • Deliver exceptional service to you – our valued customers.

      • Embrace the best practices and explore cutting-edge technologies for the coolest swag.

      • Cultivate friendships and a workplace that exudes pride – feel free to drop by!

      • Infuse surprise and delight into every interaction with you.

      • Foster a workplace that our employees take immense pride in.

    Established in 1984, Access Imprinted Sportswear has seen numerous dedicated owners and remarkable staff over the years. Our mission is to carry forth the legacy, striving to be the premier (get it?) destination that fills South Bend with pride.